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Vagal Yoga Healing System, how to heal yourself.

Begin your journey, understand yourself more deeply,
unwind old patterns that no longer serve you,
release long held tension & anxiety, breathe , relax, be your authentic self.

Vagal Yoga
Healing System

How do you heal yourself?

Weekly Classes

We have Vagal Yoga classes
every Monday & Wednesday
beginners welcome

Vagal Yoga
Instructions & Videos

learn gentle movements,

eye repatterning exercises,

& Vagal Breathing to unlock and
optimize your healing

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JAN 18 - 26, 2025

Before starting Vagal Yoga I had chronic neck pain.

I saw chiropractors, massage therapists & physiotherapists without any long term relief.

As soon as I started the Vagal Yoga classes with Erin, I felt myself relaxing. While practicing the vagal breathing my neck pain dissolved.

I am noticeably more calm at work, less involved in other peoples drama and am enjoying life more with a lightness of being. I feel more grounded in my day to day life and I have the tools to stay that way.”


Shanlee Linton, school teacher

Founder of  The Vagal Yoga Healing System


Founder & CEO
Yoga Teacher, Lead Meditation Teacher

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