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VAGAL CONNECTION © created by Erin May

We begin with establishing the feeling of safety and connection by physically, energetically and consciously
connecting the body parts, beginning with the feet.
Sometimes people do not feel safe, so then we have an affirmation choice
to help the person establish their intention for healing.


Beginning- “It’s o.k. to begin my healing journey.”

Soul Level-“It’s o.k. to heal in this lifetime.”       Human Body level- “It’s o.k. to be alive.”

Foot chakra – Grounding. Grounds us to the earth - feelings of safety. “It’s o.k. to be safe.” Also, “It’s ok to be safe now.”

Ankle – Support. “It’s o.k. to support and be supported.”

Knees – Trust. Trust for others and ourselves. “It’s o.k. to trust and be trusted.”


Root chakra-red- Element of Earth. Associated with connection to our body, kinesthetic (sense of body position), proprioceptive (sense of body movement) and tactile (touch) senses. Helps ground us in relation to the physical plane.  It is related to our will to live, survival instincts, our sense of grounding (through the sciatic nerve to the foot chakra) and supplies the body with physical stability and vitality giving us the feeling of security. ”It’s o.k. to be me.”


Second chakra-orange- Element of Water. Expressing emotions. Related to our sensuality and sexuality, supplies our immune system with flowing energy through depth of feeling, desire, sensation, expression, movement, creativity and grace.  This corresponds to how we finance our energy and resources and the ability to be adaptable to change. “It’s o.k. to feel what I feel.”

Hips -Moving forward in life. “ It is ok to move forward in life”

Third Chakra - sunflower yellow- Element of Fire. Energizes the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen, and is associated with intuition, and our enteric system.  It is related to who we are in the universe, how we connect with others and how we take care of ourselves. ”It’s o.k. to take care of myself and others in loving relationship” The balance between personal and Divine Will. Relationships and autonomy. Energy, stamina, effectiveness and personal power especially as it relates to addictions.

Adrenals - Fear vs. calmness. Sense of over-drive and anxiety. Slide your hands around to your back to energize and balance your    adrenals. “ It’s ok to relax.”

Liver - Anger. “It’s ok to be angry.” Anger is an expression of healthy boundaries.
Spleen - Worry. “ It’s ok to have faith.” Worry deeply affects our immune system.

Fourth chakra - emerald green- Heart centre. Element of Air. - It governs the heart, circulatory system, thymus, lungs and upper back. ‘It’s o.k. to love and be loved” The heart mind is the consciousness connection with the right hemisphere. It’s is the seat of wisdom, called bodhicitta or bodhi mind. Although the heart is mostly controlled by the vagal system it does have an independent nervous system of its own., called the intracardiac nervous system that affects our heart rate variability. We are designed to dialogue with our heart.

Fifth chakra - sky blue. Element is Ether. Communication. Associated with the senses of hearing, tasting, and smelling and vocalization, both speaking out loud and internal dialogue.  Supplies energy to the thyroid, the bronchi, lungs and the alimentary canal.  Related to giving and receiving and speaking our truth. “It’s o.k. to be happy” The power of vibration. Ventral Vagal System.

Eyes - Seeing. “It’s ok to see and be seen.”

Jaw - Speaking. “It’s ok to speak and to be spoken to.” The jaw can tighten due to “holding our tongue.” (the frustration is from people not reading our minds)

Sixth chakra - indigo-Clairvoyance – the activated connection of the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus is called the “Holy Trinity.  Associated with the sense of sight, clairvoyance and higher states of consciousness.  “It’s o.k. to just be”. Seeing the big picture. Connected to the left eye.

Seventh chakra - violet to white- located at the top of the head supplies energy to the upper brain and our right eye.  Is associated with the experience of direct knowing. Claircognizance. Our conscious connection to timelessness, spacelessness, wisdom, understanding and bliss. Is related to the integration of personality with spirituality. The affirmation vibration is:  “I AM.”


After the crown chakra proceed to your shoulders, elbows and wrists ending with hands in prayer position


Shoulders - Responsibility - “It’s ok to be responsible”
Elbows - Elbow room - “It’s ok to have healthy boundaries.”

Wrists - Flexibility -  “It’s ok to be flexible. “

Hands - Touch -  “ It is ok to touch and be touched”


Notice how you feel, if perhaps your bodymind is more connected and aware, perhaps you are more relaxed and

sinking into the ground, bed or your chair. Notice your breath. Notice your flow state.

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