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Loving Kindness Meditation

This meditation will dissolve the emotional ties that bind us to other people.

our past and our future worries

When our soul is free we are truly happy

In order to free ourselves we need to also free others

Sit quietly, close your eyes, breathe deeply for a few minutes

with your left hand on your heart centre

Envision a rose-gold light in your heart centre

When you feel relaxed begin the meditation

May I be well

may I be happy

May I be free from suffering (x3)

May (someone I love) be well

may (someone I love ) be happy

may (someone I love) be free from suffering (x3)

may (someone I am challenged by) be well

may (someone I am challenged by) be happy

may (someone I am challenged by) be free from suffering (x3)

may (any group) be well

may (any group) be happy

may (any group) be free from suffering (x3)

Once you are familiar with the verses

recite them as soon as the thought arises of the person

Eventually, all the ties that bind you will be loosened

and you will be free and so will they


Miracles happen.  You will see


Please share this meditation with everyone who needs healing or peace in their lives

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